Board Building “#1″

Casey’s Blog:
Yup its official I am a board builder now. The first Stick is out of the Board room and Loose on Da Reef. It took about a year to accomplish from idea/design to the water but it was soo worth the time and effort. It turned out looking sweet and performs better than I ever could imagine. It’s got me really excited for future projects. Ya, Ya I know! The first one is a Kitesurf board and I hardly kite anymore. Well the first reason I chose to start with a kiteboard is they are pretty small “size wise” and of course I am making lots of mistakes figuring out the best construction techniques, so that helps save time/money. The second reason is, I have never really liked any of the Kitesurf boards I have owned or demoed, but I had many ideas on how to make them fun and rip and so far I have succeeded. Not sure if it’s by luck or I actually know a little bit about shapes.  Either way,  this first board is by far the best Kitesurf board that I have ever ridden on Da Reef. Its going to be a fun winter.
P.S. I am on Instagram now and am always posting lots of “Hot off the press” Pics.

The First ride, so much fun!


Labeled & Signed


Tips the scales at just under 6LB.


Quad set-up is still my favorite for Da Reef.


Dan the Champ!

Casey’s Blog:

I want to give a Huge shout out to fellow Reef Warrior and good friend Dan Thomson for just Winning the 2014 AWT Amateur Overall Tour Champion.  An incredible impressive job well done.  It blows my mind how a school teacher from Ontario Canada with a normal “day job” can beat out the best Amateur wave sailors from around the country/world.  Then again he does sail Da Reef.

Hit the Lip!



Review:2015 Naish Force 3. Three batten Wave Sail

Casey’s Blog:

Its been a long time since I did a gear review, but I got a couple of new toys and a little time, so enjoy.
Ok I have gotten some days on the water with the new 2015 Force 3 5.0 meter and I have to say its better then I thought it was going to be. (still not even close to Chopper performance, but nice sail for what its designed for). Its has nice even pull in between the hands, maybe with a hint of pull towards forward. When sailing in Side off Down the Line conditions It would basically drive you up towards the Lip all by itself for big hits. Another thing I liked about the sail is it felt very very light, tight and maneuverable in the hands and during transitions(that part very chopper like) Second thing I liked about it, was the High cut of the sail, its basically a straight line from mast foot to the boom end. You really could lay down and lean into the pocket of the wave like never before. I found even thou the sail had good amount of pull, it didn’t have much power to get you going. It would really be better for lighter riders. And of course with just 3 batten its get to be a handful when the big gust hit, it just doesn’t have a big range. So its not very good for On shore/B&J conditions.

My conclusion:
If I sailed Hookipa everyday, or Side Off wave conditions like that, I think I would choose this sail.
It might work for very lightweights in more conditions. (hard to beat Naish Session thou)
I think it would be a great sail for Beginners cause its so light weight with a nice even pull.
But overall its a purebred DTL Hardcore Wavesail.

(Long live the Chopper)Hehehe

True Warrior

Casey’s Blog:

Well 2014 October Big wave season on Da reef started off with two gnarly days which stirred up every condition possible. It rained buckets, hailed, lightning, had massive wind shifts & gusts, huge waves(8-10ft at Buoy), frigid air temps, and then also had glassy, sunny, green/blue waves and rainbows. If you can imagine of it, it happened. It’s usually so nice and perfect on Da reef all the time that you forget what a not so perfect day is like.

I also forget how hard it is to surf Da Reef. It’s a feat in itself just to get out there and come back. You really have to be a true warrior to take it on, especially when it gets big and pissed off like a raging bull. At any moment it can beat you down and spit you out. It will break your board, boat, mast, rig, kite, body and your will. Plus on top of that, you may end up doing a mile walk of shame home. Yes you have to be a true warrior to get off your back and summon up the courage to charge it again and again after constantly getting beat up! If you choose to persevere, eventually the reef will reward you by laying down and letting you have a ride; and that ride that will be burned into your memory for days, months or maybe even years. It’s just those few “seconds” out of a whole day of getting your butt kicked that keeps you coming back time and time again to this special place we call “Da Reef.”

A Reef Warrior getting his ride on a Smaller 2nd Reef wave!
A Reef Warrior getting his ride on a Smaller 2nd Reef wave!

Lake Erie Watermen & Women


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