Wish him Luck

Casey is heading to Hatteras this week to defend his wave jam AWT amateur title.

He is stoked and ready with a couple of great warm up day last week on Da’ Reef.
This year he is accompanied by his squire Sir Cam-a -lot, who will serve as scribe, valet, and chief board caddy.
You should be able to follow the action here, on facebook ,instagram and the  AWT page.

Best of Luck Casey

from all the Reef Warriors

And a note  to Cam,

stay out of trouble!!!


Board Meeting Photos are here

I know you have all been waiting for the link to the

board meeting  photo album.

If any of you have some shots you wish to share send me a link, email me or stop by and I can load then on my laptop.

Thank you to John for all the great shots and also to Tod our man on the Seadoo.

Gail and I want to thank everyone who helped with the event and to everyone who brought some goodies to share.

Our final count was 75 paddlers this year, and over 80 folks who participated in the fun.

We know the conditions were not ideal,  good job everyone, for getting out there and handling the choppy water. I know a few folks were left out due to the change of day, we missed you all.

We are planning to do this again next year and are hoping you all can make it.

If you have any thoughts on how to improve the event or wish to help out let us know.



Board Meeting update

It looks like it will be a windy sunday here at Da’ Reef which will make “The Board Meeting ” very difficult to pull off due to the wind and wave conditions.

For those of you who sail or surf, the conditions should be great.
We will reschedule for Labor Day Monday same time and place only the date has changed.

September 1, 2014

Begin gathering on Elco beach near the ramp 9am

group photo 9:45am

On the water around 10am

hang out at ledge 12 afterward!

Please plan on using your leash or pfd if you are joining us for the paddle. pfd is preferred safety choice, It can be worn or on your board.

Weekend updates

A hearty Reef Warrior round of applause goes out to Gidget and Fire fighter Julie, who finished 1st and 2nd in the North Shore Stand Up 10k race.

Julie won the race 5 seconds ahead of Gail in and exciting finish.

rave to finish

For more info on the race check out

Possum has completed her ALS ice bucket challenge

Check her video

And keep checking back here for update on the “Board Meeting” as well as our facebook  page.


close up

The history of the Sherkston wreck

Since October 1961 the Steel Products has been aground off Sherkston Beach. This abandoned ship has been known as the “wreck” as long as I have been a regular on the Lake Erie shore.

This “wreck” has become a symbol of Sherkston and the reef, a backdrop for countless photos and stories

( click on the photos for a close up)

hobie rescuecirca 1978
hobie rescue
circa 1978

 and a huge part of our lives on Lake Erie’s shore.

I have swam out to it, jumped off the deck ( when it had a deck)

circa 1980
circa 1980
paddleboarding around the prop

sailed and paddled around it.

sept28 2012 006
fall 2012

Mother Nature has taken its toll on our great symbol of the reef.

steel products 004
where to find the wreck

With that being said I would like to share the history of the wreck.

the crane on the wreck
the crane on the wreck
steel products 006
steel products
steel products 007
steel products as venus

The Steel Products was named Venus  for 50 years before being sold to Marine Salvage of Port Colborne. The  346 foot vessel was equipped with a crane and often carried scrap steel.  After a long career she was taken under tow on  October 26, 1961 to be  scrapped at Dwor Metal Co. While anchored in heavy weather she slipped  anchor on Oct. 28th and went aground. The decision was made to strip her  in the spring so a crew of men were left on board for the winter. Come  spring a road was built to her and the engines and part of her hull were  removed. She was built in 1901 in Lorain, OH by American  Shipbuilding Co.

I would like to thank Mike & Georgann Wachter  for sharing this bit of history.

news file
news file
wreck 1980's
circa late 1970’s


The road that was built for the salvage operation was left in place and became a walk way to the wreck through waist deep water. You did have to swim the last 20 yards or so. Many times the friendly locals would answer calls for help because some one who was not a strong swimmer or some one who had a little too much libation got themselves out to the wreck, but could not get back in.

spring thaw 2010
the remains after scrapping

In the early 1980’s the price of steel skyrocketed and scrapers went after what was left of the wreck cutting away much of the hull and deck throughout the winter months. They may have removed the whole thing but the bulldozer they were using fell through the ice and caused some setbacks preventing they job from being finished.

A great place to explore with kayaks and paddle boards,snorkel around as well as fish, this old barge attracts visitors every day.

the sherkston wreck as  seen from the air.
the sherkston wreck as seen from the air.

The recent winters have really taken a toll on the old girl. Low water levels,

rear view wreck and prop during low water
rear view wreck and prop during low water

heavy wind storms,

the wreck during high winds
the wreck during high winds
gopro shot underwater

and time have weaken the remaining structure and twisted the bow wreck bow2 wreck bowand rear sections to near unrecognizable forms DCIM100GOPRO underwreck underwreck2

It is only a matter of time before the whole thing falls victim to Mother Natures wrecking ball.

sun set over the wreck
sun set over the wreck
the prop


Below are some recent photo’s from the fall of 2013 and the winter of 2014.

(Thanks to John for the photo’s)

fall 2013
fall 2013
sunset fall 2013
fall 2013
March 2014
March 2014
march 2014
march 2014
Spring 2014
Spring thaw 2014


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