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Casey’s Blog:

Well 2014 October Big wave season on Da reef started off with two gnarly days which stirred up every condition possible. It rained buckets, hailed, lightning, had massive wind shifts & gusts, huge waves(8-10ft at Buoy), frigid air temps, and then also had glassy, sunny, green/blue waves and rainbows. If you can imagine of it, it happened. It’s usually so nice and perfect on Da reef all the time that you forget what a not so perfect day is like.

I also forget how hard it is to surf Da Reef. It’s a feat in itself just to get out there and come back. You really have to be a true warrior to take it on, especially when it gets big and pissed off like a raging bull. At any moment it can beat you down and spit you out. It will break your board, boat, mast, rig, kite, body and your will. Plus on top of that, you may end up doing a mile walk of shame home. Yes you have to be a true warrior to get off your back and summon up the courage to charge it again and again after constantly getting beat up! If you choose to persevere, eventually the reef will reward you by laying down and letting you have a ride; and that ride that will be burned into your memory for days, months or maybe even years. It’s just those few “seconds” out of a whole day of getting your butt kicked that keeps you coming back time and time again to this special place we call “Da Reef.”

A Reef Warrior getting his ride on a Smaller 2nd Reef wave!
A Reef Warrior getting his ride on a Smaller 2nd Reef wave!

AWT Hatteras 2014

Casey’s Blog:
Another awesome Wave jam is in the books. First off I have to thank the Hatteras and AWT crew who worked very hard and pulled off a great event. Second off, thank you all Reef Warriors and family for all the support and great stoke.
This year the amateur division was really stacked with more incredible talent then ever from all over the world, but after the Spray settled I came up a little short this year and scored a very happy Second place. Congrats to Ian stokes(skinny kid) for taken the well deserved Win.
also Congrats to fellow Reef warrior’s, Dan Thomson(3rd masters, 5th amateur), Jim king (3rd grand masters), Cecilia (2nd women’s). Just more proof of how good of a World class wave sailing spot Da Reef is.
I will post more pics soon.

That’s my game face.
Me Congrats to Ian Stokes right after final.
Charging for a big Lip Smack!
Dan Thomson Nice Off the Lip!
“C” going out to charge.
Cam Snuggle with his new mast. He won at the AWT raffle. He has a purple horseshoe somewhere?
On the podium again! Sweet.

Wish him Luck

Casey is heading to Hatteras this week to defend his wave jam AWT amateur title.

He is stoked and ready with a couple of great warm up day last week on Da’ Reef.
This year he is accompanied by his squire Sir Cam-a -lot, who will serve as scribe, valet, and chief board caddy.
You should be able to follow the action here, on facebook ,instagram and the  AWT page.

Best of Luck Casey

from all the Reef Warriors

And a note  to Cam,

stay out of trouble!!!


Board Meeting Photos are here

I know you have all been waiting for the link to the

board meeting  photo album.

If any of you have some shots you wish to share send me a link, email me or stop by and I can load then on my laptop.

Thank you to John for all the great shots and also to Tod our man on the Seadoo.

Gail and I want to thank everyone who helped with the event and to everyone who brought some goodies to share.

Our final count was 75 paddlers this year, and over 80 folks who participated in the fun.

We know the conditions were not ideal,  good job everyone, for getting out there and handling the choppy water. I know a few folks were left out due to the change of day, we missed you all.

We are planning to do this again next year and are hoping you all can make it.

If you have any thoughts on how to improve the event or wish to help out let us know.



Board Meeting update

It looks like it will be a windy sunday here at Da’ Reef which will make “The Board Meeting ” very difficult to pull off due to the wind and wave conditions.

For those of you who sail or surf, the conditions should be great.
We will reschedule for Labor Day Monday same time and place only the date has changed.

September 1, 2014

Begin gathering on Elco beach near the ramp 9am

group photo 9:45am

On the water around 10am

hang out at ledge 12 afterward!

Please plan on using your leash or pfd if you are joining us for the paddle. pfd is preferred safety choice, It can be worn or on your board.

Lake Erie Watermen & Women


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