I had one sweet epic sesh. And I had it all to myself, don’t know if it was a good thing or not.  Well to start off the wind was blowing north all day, till about 3:30 and that lake was butter smooth. Then the front went thru. WHAM! Blowing 35-45 SSW.  I arrived at 4:30 and it was cranking. I could barley stand up, had to chase my hat for about 100yds, it was freaking crazy.  The wave’s looked pretty flat but was building very quickly. I rigged up a 4.0 thinking it would back off a little bit. Suited up and headed out with the 70L wave board. Ohh ya I am the only one here. With it gusting up to 50+  I got the bright idea to test that new life jacket I got in the spring. Prob the only non crazy thought I had all day. Hehehe.   Well, went out, and got hammered, could not hang on to the 4.0. to save my life. Time to break out the 3.4 again.  This time the 3.4 felt perfect, and the lake was getting mean, there were head high chop. About every 20 feet there was a ramp to hit. And man it was windy! the spray off the waves hurt like hell when it hit your face. Then a rain storm hit and that really hurt, so took 5 for the rain storm to pass. Had a quick bowl of award winning chili, (from chili cook off 2010).  The rain passed quick and took a little wind with it. I went back to the 4.0 and it was perfect.  By now it was getting dark but the waves were huge. So I head out to the 2 reef to try to get some big sets.  When I was out there I noticed a 3rd reef and I have seen this before, its more obvious in south swell. Well I saw a monster set jacking up. I jibed on the second wave, almost wiped out cause it jacked up so quickly. This thing was huge I hit the lip on the 2 full bottom turn. Then got 2 more turns in. pretty much on the very edge of death the whole time. That was a sweet fast 15-20 ft glassy wave. I was beyond pumped. I caught 3 more sets like that, before I could not see anymore cause of darkness. As I was sailing in from being a ½ mile out into the lake. I thought to myself this place rocks 4 hours ago it was perfectly flat water. Now I was hitting the lip on a 20 ft wave.  Unbelievable!   Then the next thought popped into my head I’ve been sailing out here for the last 2 hours partly in the dark in 50+ winds and 20 ft waves  a half mile out, all by my self, I am freaking crazy. But man what a rush. Hey you only live once!  And I promise you one of these days, well get some pics of these big waves, its not easy cause they are so far out, you need a camera with a 100x zoom or a heli.  If any body has either please contact me.

Hit the Lip!!!


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