Yes oct 7 arrived!

Finally Oct 7 arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally Oct 7 arrived.  A little late!, but arrived.  I know, your like what the???  It is Nov 17th.  Let me explain!  Last year on oct 7 it turned out to be the best day I ever had in my ‘backyard”(sherkston).  It blew like stink SW all day like  then switched to WNW right when I got there after work.  It was so cool it sucked all the water out which made it super shallow, and from shore, the waves did not look that big.  But I had 2 try it anyway. I went out on 5.3 and the goya 115.  It turn out 2 be the best day of my life in my backyard.  Mast high sets, everything was like glassy smooth, 6+ full bottom turns(I mean lay down turns), nice crumbly waves, with perfect side off cond.  I sailed hooikpa for 3 months straight, and I swear if I closed my eyes I could have been there, very little difference. Except 6000 miles away, salt water and those, are every day cond for hooikpa.  But never less you get my point.  The  sweetest thing is when its blowing WNW nobody thinks its good at sherkston so they sail Ontario or elsewhere. I have the best wave of the year to my self.  Well randy and gail got out last year but both got thrashed  pretty good. This is funny ! I told randy  before he went out, the first rule of big wave sailing is don’t “ Fall in front of the big wave”. I told him that 20 times before he went out. So what does he do! Yup fall in front of the first big wave he caught.  Completely demolished his 5.3 and mast. He just paddled in on his board and boom. Great stuff.  Poor Gail, got surprised by how shallow it got ,and first trip out hit a rock and completely took the nose off her board. Ya the REEF was very mean that day, but makes for great stories.  So November 17 2010 I finally got that day.  It was the exactly the same day. check out the bouy report for port colbourn<FONT< a> face=Calibri>  ya! 11ft waves! When it hits the reef easy 22ft. and glassy.  And being nov 17 its too cold for everybody else(thanks oneil wetsuits and botties for making such warm shit) so I had all the waves 2 myself again.  The only snag, I had 2 wear gloves .water 49 air 45, little cold, its so hard to windsurf with gloves, especially wave sail.  But I had to suck it up, for these cond.  Very painful on the forearms, they feel like bricks today.  And I think I broke something in my foot! Its, very hard to bail out of the foot straps with 6mm booties on.   But other than that, the waves were perfect, I sailed till dark on my 5.3 and 115 goya again. Please board  companys make bigger wave boards for the real world! I couldn’t live without my 115 wave board.   So conclusion, I wish every day was Oct 7th. HIT THE LIP!


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