Weekend at Corpus

OH ya! I got an opportunity over the weekend to drive down to Corpus Christi Texas and hit Padre Island, and get a couple days windsurfing in. (Thanks Work).  I only had to drive 15 hours, round trip for the 2 days I had off, but well worth it, since I haven’t been in the water for 3 ½ months.  I was able to rent some gear from worldwinds worldwinds.net :: . They have their surf shack located right on the beach. The staff was super cool, had brand new gear, rigged and ready to go. SUP, teaching boards, everything just grab n go.  I ended up getting a pair of 6.5 days which was light wind for there. Before that, they had 21 straight days of 4.7 go figure!. The conditions are super warm, flat water, great for perfecting your jibes or doing the newest freestyle move. I was amazed at how many new people they were teaching all day long, they had 3 instructors going full tilt, just great to see, in the sport of windsurfing.  Now the bad thing is, kiting is banned on Padre Island (too many people died locally from it!), but maybe one day they will lift that ban. From all the places I have been, this is by far the best place to learn to improve your skills. I highly recommend it for those cold winter blues.  

Look how Flat. Its Blowing 15-20!
Worldwinds board shack!


Thats a great sight!

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