Hatteras Paddle!

   Life is good! In Hatteras.  I Love Vacation.  Got a couple days sailing in. Some SUP Surfing. Then I got a chance to try a couple of SUP cruisers called Tahoe Zephyr, thanks to Andy at Wind NC.  http://wind-nc.com/    They are the style with the canoe looking nose. Wow! These boards can glide, and are smooth as butter. They are a must have for any type of flat water paddling,   No need for a kayak or canoe ever again!  You can travel such a far distance with little effort you will be truly amazed!  So that’s what they felt like in the water.  Now my engineering brain wanted to see what the actual speed difference was.  So I turned on the GPS and presto! Numbers.  When paddling full out the Tahoe 12’6 average speed was 4.6 mph, My starboard Blend 11’2  4.0 mph. Top speed Tahoe 6.8mph, Blend 5.8mph.   Long distance easy paddlings Avg, Tahoe 3.6mph, Blend 2.6, So there are some numbers to prove their worth in flat water. So save your pennies Reef Warriors and give Andy at Wind NC a call .    http://wind-nc.com/     There are always more toys to get! HIT THE LIP!


3 thoughts on “Hatteras Paddle!”

  1. Sorry, I cant help it! What ever you do, dont demo one. you will want one instantly. need to find a bigger bank.

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