New Ripper: Update!

Just got some new pics of my new 115 Quad ripper from OES Australia. After my recent trip to hatteras i am getting more execited about this board. I had 2 days on the ocean, that i needed that extra float of a 115L but wanted it to rip like an 85L board. Thats what i am hoping the new board will do!  Cant wait.  In the video below peter explains a bit, about how he is trying to make big boards rip.


5 thoughts on “New Ripper: Update!”

  1. It sounds too good to be true. 🙂 This would be great in a side/ side off situation to enable you to get out to the waves and have a ball.

  2. That is exactly the plan, and dont forget quads are way better for going up wind in side on conditions too. For all that 6.2/6.5 sailing! Just so much upside!

  3. Hey Reef Warriors,

    Pete Ross informed me you have bought a new OES. Congrats!! They are absolutely the best made boards out there. I ride the TF78 and could not be happier. I am located in CT and we don’t see these boards in the east. We need to change that!! As soon as we get some real wind let me know how your first day out goes.


    P.S. Love the site! especially the SUP yoga!

      1. Hey Craig, Glad to hear you like the boards, I cant wait to get out on mine! I will let you know all about it. keep in touch!

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