demo day/ mascot/and a public sevice announcement

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Without sounding preachy here,I would like to ask a favor of everyone who follows us. When you are out paddleboarding, sailing, windsurfing, kiting, or just relaxing on the beach after a good session, please, if you see some garbage in the water or on shore, pick it up and get it in the trash. Today alone I picked up 2 bottles and some floating trash. If we do our share to keep our beach and lake clean maybe other will too. And we will be setting a good example for the future reef warriors.

thanks, Lou


4 thoughts on “demo day/ mascot/and a public sevice announcement”

  1. Lou

    Nice to meet u today

    Summer Kickoff for MS
    A Fundraiser Party is set for June 18 –

    Location – Little B’s 250 Pleasant Beach Rd Sherkston

    Music provided by Ryan White, Rich Hunt

    Come by for dinner at 5, music starts around 7ish raffle at 9

    Will be Raffling off a surfboard, surf gear, Beer, shirts, wax etc

    All money raised will go towards Ryan Whites Ms paddle –

    Great Lakes Brewery will be providing a drink special for the night 14oz draft for $3.25
    A Pitcher for $10

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