reef warrior paddleboarder sweeps up!

That’s right, the gidget swept past the competition at the Paddle against M.S. fund-raiser on saturday night losing the drunken skateboard race on style points. A bikini top run in the final round helped bring home this beautiful trophy.

Oh, the prone surfers had their fun at our expense, suggesting we need to use a broom to navigate the course or we could help sweep up, ect. ect.

Being a proud reef warrior and the most balanced one we brought, Gail set off to defend our honor. A few practice runs later she was only chasing her board 1/2 way down the course. Add a one beer penalty and it all came down to style points, and no-one has better points than Gail.

All kidding aside, we were welcomed by the holloway bay surfers for an evening of food, fun , and music.  Check out  to learn more about the M.S. paddle.

The event was held at Little B’s (formerly Mannys) on pleasant beach rd. A very cool beach bar and restaurant. Check it out.

Thanks to George for the invite. It was a pleasure meeting you and your fellow surfers. Lets try to get together again, and share some waves.


One thought on “reef warrior paddleboarder sweeps up!”

  1. Wow sounds like a great event. I can’t wait to give it a try next year. Maybe a mass email or reminders to those want a be reef warriors. Job well done Gail.

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