This was a very expensive day!!!

These were the words spoken by our friend windsurf Jim as he caught some waves on a  s.u.p. board borrowed from Amanda.


We had some left over waves on the reef Tues. evening, just a little to breezy to paddlesurf.  Casey had Jim out on the small but fun waves, we could hear hoots and hollers of excitement, so Gidget and I rigged up and joined the fun. We all got some great rides in and were all smiles when we hit the beach at the end of the session.

Now one of the reasons Jim finally gave in to the temptation of s.u.p. is to increase his time on the water. After trying to convince him for the past 3yrs that we have s.u.p.ed I think he may have saw the light. Some one say Amen!!!

If any one reading this has considered trying out an s.u.p. board for paddle/sail/ or surf, do not hesitate, this allows many more days on the water.

Paddle on,




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