Finally the reef has been firing the past week and half.  With some great wind and waves.  Actually got a couple days on the new sails and boards. Which are totally sweet.  The SUPing has been going off the best.  Got some head high rides in H-bay with Joel N. he was trying out his new2011 Starboard Drive. Looks real nice. Can’t wait to try it.  I had a double over head sesh right in front of the shipwreck.  My first time riding this wave Paddle Surfing.  Its very tricky wave to read, but if you wait for a big set it cleans  and jacks up HUGE!  By far the biggest waves I have caught at the reef SUPing. Can’t wait to get some video of that wave.  Speaking of videos!  I put together a little clip from last weekend action. Enjoy!!!


3 thoughts on “THE REEF IS BACK!”

    1. moondoggie, great job on the video.
      we have a request for a barbancourt 15 yr review, i have a bottle here. all we need is the quester’s
      got in a sunset sup surf session on the reef tonite. soft slow peelers. big storm on the u.s. side sent some waves our way.

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