Wow what a day!  Yesterday I got one of those very rare, mast high+ sets, side off wind, 7+ bottom turns, Epic windsurfing conditions on the reef. Every wave I caught was a cover shot photo wave. Freaking amazing!!!  and to top it off! I was the only one out there again!  A few kiters from plesent beach joined in later when it went more sideshore. I guess folk around here don’t realize how amazing it is, or have gotten just too lazy.  If this was the east/west coast or Maui there would be 40 people out there WS/kite/surfing and then would be talking about it for weeks.  It seems most WS and kiters around here all they worry about is “Am I 100% powered up”.  If not, they go home.  The best days I have had, the past couple of years I am hardly powered up. I find the best things in life happen when you work hard for it!  ALL Right! I will stop my bitchen now.  I hope I am  truly not offending anyone. That’s not my point. I just want more people to experience the crazy amount of fun, I am having on DA REEF! And of course another epic day and no video.  I got to find a camera man that’s on call.  Still loving the 78 degree water temp too, maybe it will stay that way till november 🙂 Till next time HIT THE LIP!!!


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