Well finally the reef has been firing with some good waves and wind.  Prime testing conditions for The OES 2012 QUAD 115L AKA the “RIPPER”.  That’s what I call it.  That word pretty much describes this board on a wave.  When Down the line wave riding you can drive it too any part on the wave with complete confidence. Carve it tight or wide no problem, and when hitting the lip that extra surface area makes the ‘pop” so much more fun. And the lip slides are so controllable just shift a little weight off your back foot and the quads bite in and are ready to go for another.  In onshore/backside riding it snaps off waves on a dime even though its 65cm wide truly amazing.   At 115L this board feels so small. That is the by far the best part of this board. It has comparable feel in the water to an 80L “pro style” wave board did 4 years ago, actually even better!  I am 200lb and in super light winds I can float out through the break zone so easily, which means less time swimming and more time in the waves. I used a 6.2 down to a 4.7 on some mast high to tiny wave days and the “ripper” never felt too small or too big, you’re always in control with this board.  I am going to have a hard time stepping off this board to something smaller, the wind will have to be really nuking. With a board with all that extra float and no performance loss on a wave it makes wave sailing so much more freaken fun. I know all the kiters are very jealous sitting on the beach, watching me on all those side off day’s rippen it up!  If your 180lb+ and love wave sailing, you must get one of these boards you’ll be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner.  Thanks Pete for making a real wave board for the “BIG GUYS”.


7 thoughts on “HIT THE LIP!”

  1. You let me step on your Naish right out of the wrapping and this one I have to wait in line to try! It really must be awesome! If its missing off the beach one day look for me on it on a wave!

  2. So it sounds like the board is better than expected. 🙂 I in line after Gidget.( what jim ment to say is ” i would love to try this wonderful ride after the great sailor gidget, i am sure i could not do as well as she but i would like to try.”)I wonder if a newbie could sail it that way on a wave? Does it come with an uphaul rope? Forget the sup if this board come with a few more litters and a paddle.

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