Chili Cook-off wrap-up

The annual reef warrior chili cook-off weekend was highlighted by glorious weather, good friends and great chili.

The weather co-operated, as it almost always does, blessing us with a warm sunny day and a bonus warm starlit night.

14 chilis awaited tasting as the chili queens, Mke & Christina kicked off the evening’s festivities. As long lines formed around the table, the tasting began. All the entrants brought their A game. Every chili I tasted seemed to be better than the last. This was a common theme through-out the evening, every one I spoke with shared the same opinion. A close vote was assured.

After every one had their fill votes were cast. This year a couple new awards were bestowed on the winner. A chili  pepper of honor with the winners name and date, and the new chili trophy, which, like the Stanley cup, the champs keep for a year.











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