and the winners are……

sorry all, i should have checked out the last post before publishing it. my bad.  the complete chili cook off run down did not get fully published.  and now the rest of the story

And the chili champs are………..

After the closest vote in chili cook off history, a tie in fact, a revote was needed. after more tasting and voting, the runner ups are last years champs, Casey and Amanda, who will wear the dresses next year.

Now the moment we have been waiting for, (mostly cause i screwed up on the post).

the champs are

Randy and Sharon.

After the celebration on the great chili deck the party move down to the beach where the chili cook off band led us in song late into the evening.

Thanks to all who participated, sent photos, helped clean up, brought desserts and goodies. And a special thanks to Casey and Amanda for turning their home into Chili stadium. You guys rock.


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