One word to sum this day up “EPIC” . I know I use that word a lot, but it happened again!  3.4 monster wave session and sailed till dark, it don’t get any better than that!  This was the best day of them all, the sun was out, just 4 windsurfers out all day, other than rob and steve got a little kite sesh in the morning.  The waves were not the biggest I have ever been in on the reef, but the 2nd and 3rd reef were just throwing up, one clean monster set after another! I prob rode 50 mast high+  waves today with at least 3 bottom turns apiece.  My stoke meter is on overload, who needs drugs when you got sailing like this! The only negative is, always check which “back” cover you have on your Go-Pro.  Yup had the open face back cover on the helmet today, and lost all my sweet helmet cam action!  I get the “:dumb ass award of the day” there.  We had a good laugh over it thou.  All right! I got to get some sleep, I don’t know how I am going to roll out of bed tomorrow for work. My body is done after the past 4 days!  “Epic” video coming soon!


2 thoughts on “HIT THE LIP!”

  1. DUUUUDE!! way to hit it up and surf those giants. woooohooooo!!! you live in paradise man! Thanks for the stoke and for the sailing lessons. call or email if I can help with your decals…. GW 416.844.7599

  2. This sounds really epic. Better waves than you’ll ever get here in Hatteras. We were on 3.7 last Thu at the hole. Cu on Thanks Ginving.

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