I had the lucky opportunity to spend thanksgiving in hatteras this year.  Amanda and I took just a quick 3 day trip. This is the first time I flew down to hatteras, and that is sooooo Nice. From door to door it took only 7 hours, and ¾ of that time I was drinking beer!  The hot ticket is you fly fromBuffalotoNorfolk(3hours), rent a 4×4 inNorfolkso you can drive on a beach. Only $28 a day, and drive to hatteras (2 ½ hours). Just like that you’re smacking some east coast waves! I scored great sessions all 3 days, two days paddle surfing in the ocean on a 7ft SUP. (See pic below) That board was tiny, very challenging, but lots of fun. My first go at it, didn’t go to well. I was paddling out thru the break, which takes way too long cause it doesn’t track worth crap!  I almost got to the outside and a head high, bone crusher wave, pop up in front of me.  So I hit the Eject button dove deep under the wave.  And popped up on the other side, No problem! I thought, I grabbed the leash to get the board, and Oh Shit! No board! The leash snapped!  So now I am in the impact zone with a paddle in my hand and I have to swim all the way in! And, ya all know how great a swimmer I am, Yup that sucked! But I made it in, re-grouped fixed the leash and caught a wave that day, before I was completely exhausted!, Fun stuff!!!.    On turkey day, Andy at Wind NC, organized a bunch of windsurfers together for a morning reef run session, The reef(shallow sand bar) is about 2 miles off of Avon in the sound, and makes fun jumping waves on a NW wind. I was on a 4.7 and rocking, even tried some back loops, totally ate lots o water thou!  Another great session!!  After that I had a Nice Hot Tub soak and prepared for a Huge Turkey feast Wendy (sister) was preparing. Wow! What a feast we had!! Wendy made a killer turkey.  Her beach house was packed with lots of friends and hatteras locals.  One of the bestTurkeydays I had in a long time!  Thanks! Wendy and Roland for everything!  And as always, another great hatteras trip, HIT THE LIP! 


2 thoughts on “HIT THE LIP!”

  1. Nice comment Amanda. Kudos! That is how every day at the reef is for me. I like the details and wish I was on the Sound hitting the reef.

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