Somebody Slap Me!!!

 Casey’s Blog: HIT THE LIP

This season just won’t end!!  I got a great windsurfing session yesterday, with no gloves on. Yea that’s what I said, no gloves!! Air Temp was upper 40s, It was way fun!  I rigged up the perfect windsurfing reef combo, my 2012 Naish force 5.3 / 2012 Goya 84L quad, And I was going for it. First run out I went for a huge black loop, crashed it, and then got washed by a monster set on the second reef for about 100yds. After that wake up call, I got it rolling with some huge back side air off the lips. It was a real south swell, so the waves were breaking top to bottom, about little over head high. I got on the water at 4pm and sailed till the stars were out.  I can’t believe in 6 days it will be the start of winter. This is the latest I have ever windsurfed, it felt like an October day!   I am hoping for a Christmas Surf, maybe even a New years Surf.  Yeee  Haaaaa!! Not good for skiers thou. I am sure there will be some snow in January???

I stoped for a min to take a Sunset pic!


3 thoughts on “Somebody Slap Me!!!”

  1. sweet i love sailing in december was 4.7&78 ltr. goya quad time in erie,pa.gonna blow again monday.sailed many christmas morns. and new years days in 30 years on the water.really enjoy your blog.joe

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