Christmas Eve SUP

Casey’s Blog: Hit The Lip!

Amanda and I escaped up to the reef for a couple of hours on  Christmas eve, and scored a great fun, flat water SUP sesh, on a chilly but sweet sunny day!!  We put our winter jackets on, and our super warm oneil 5mm booties.  On our way out paddling towards the shipwreck we amazingly saw exactly 7 white swans (a swimming), just like the song 12 days of Christmas. Pretty neat.  We got to check out that there is a little less of the shipwreck left, about a 15 foot section collapsed into the water on the shore side towards the back.  I wonder who will live longer! Me or the wreck? Hum!!.  so all and all its was a great time and a first for me to be out there paddling on Christmas eve. Thanks to this super fall and winter so far. On a side note, and not sure if anybody got out, but it was totally possible, that I could of sailed on Christmas day in some big waves, it was sunny 45 degrees and WSW at 30, but I was to busy opening presents all day. Hehe. This season won’t end! The year is going to, but the waves are still going! Plus the days are getting longer! Yeeyaaaa! Hit The Lip!

7 Swans
Life is Good!!
The first signs of ice
Big peice fell in.
Nice Form!
Christmas eve?? Really??

3 thoughts on “Christmas Eve SUP”

  1. That is so cool. I wish I was there. I would of needed my drysuit since I would probably fall in.
    Craig S. sailed on Christmas. “Well Merry Christmas to all. It was windy and it was warm. Managed to get about 35 minutes of surfing in the bay here in Port Colborne today. Sweet Action. Did one wet butt jibe but the rest were nice and dry. Boy I love windsurfing. Looking forward to maybe another shot tomorrow.”

  2. There is proof of the 7 swans. I now wish I hadn’t been lazy and went with you guys. I need to get me those 5mm booties. Thanks to both of you for all the gifts.
    Now I hope for some wind this weekend down in Avon.


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