Happy New Year!

Casey’s Blog:

Happy New Year fellow Reef Warriors.  Was another great year, and scored a first ever New year eve session, both Wind SUP and SUP, I was out on the reef for 3 hours, and still not cold Yet. There was some really nice waves. Made a quick video from the days events, Windsurfing angle is from my new “Clew view” mount. Its pretty neat, Thanks Wendy&Roland for that!  Enjoy the Clip and Bring on 2012!http://vimeo.com/34421450



8 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Great camera angle. You get a much better idea about the buttom turn and wave hight. Can’t wait to see more of that. When do they come out with a 10mm?

  2. great video, good way to end the year that started off so slow. happy new year to you and possum. and happy new year to all the reef warriors as well.
    lou and gail

  3. Wow , that is awesome! Thanks for the continuing surprises of beating the elements !
    Happy New Year to you and Amanda , and may you continue to enjoy the water and wind as much in 2012
    Happy New Year to all the Reefwarriors
    Petra &Stan

  4. The video turned out great! I was too wimpy to attempt the SUP sesh…I am not a fan of getting cold…though I am told I wouldn be toasty in my semi-dry and warm new booties…but I fall in more than Casey does…Alas I am ready for snow. I am determined to finish learning to fly the snow kite and get on the board with it this year!!

  5. I don’t even know if I would be warm in my dry suit with three layers of fleece in those conditions. Hard Core. I want to know what board you were on.

    1. That the prob with dry suits, they are not warm, just dry. I was on amanda’s 145L twin fin. It is super sweet for Wind SUP in big waves. been useing it all fall.

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