Winter has Been Cancelled

Casey’s Blog:

Yup I don’t think we are going to get winter this year.  Wed I was snowkiting, Today it 50 degrees and I scored my first ever, January surf sesh on the reef.  Plus I was not alone, there were 3 kiters and about 6 surfers out at H-bay. I can’t belive its Jan 6th., Amazing! I had a about an hour ride on the 12m Kite,before the wind died, then I got some sweet wave rides on the 11′ SUP paddling. One thing for sure though, the end is near. Today was the first day were the water felt cold (its 39 degrees) to me. I will try to get a couple more days in, then I am going to pack it in for the season. Finally!

P.S Check out the best sunset of the year today!


8 thoughts on “Winter has Been Cancelled”

  1. The sunsets alone make it worth it ! Beautiful!
    You are obviously trying to sail/paddle something each month of the year !

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