1st sup of the year

Saturday 1/7/12

Gail and I got out for our 1st sup of the year, just a little flat water cruise on Ellicott creek, but a sup day none the less. This marks at least 1 day on the water for me every month since april.  Certainly nothing new or exciting today, other than a large blue heron we startled, but failed to get a photo of. The sun disappeared right about the time we hit the water, which made for a little cooler trip than we had hoped for. Just great to be out enjoying the day. Casey is correct in thinking winter may never show up.



8 thoughts on “1st sup of the year”

  1. Wow , good for you guys , I am impressed by the drive of some of these reefwarriors , WAY TO GO !!!
    I am starting to feel really OLD , reading about your adventures ! -Guess don’t like the cold too much at all and shall have to wait for the sunny south !!
    P of P&S

    1. from what i understand the sunny south has not been to warm these days.
      once you get there if you have any stories or photo’s to share let me know and i will get them posted up

    1. thanks but i was a gopro novice and forgot to set the camera to video, otherwise i would have had some great film of the blue heron and some ducks and geese and other woodland critters

  2. Like the pic with the blue sky showing thru and the reflection on the water! Good for you for catching the nice day in Jan!!

  3. I’m impressed that you guys didn’t hit any icebergs. I’m guessing that those are a new type of wet or dry suit. Let’s hope you can do this in Feb, and March.

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