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This year the fall/winter has been crazy warm, and I have been able to extend the season like never before.  Plus I got some new gear, that’s keeping me warmer than ever. Let me fill ya in on my secrets.  First the suit. Lucky for me, my old 5/4 zipper broke in early October and I was forced to get a new suit, after a little research I settled on the Oneil mutant 5/4 with zip in hood. This suit did not disappoint it is insane warm and with the zip in hood very little water gets in and no ice cream headaches. Plus it is super stretchy it doesn’t even feel like you have a suit on, that’s the best part.  When the water/air get real cold (30s/40s), I will put on a 1mm Lycra long sleeve shirt underneath and a 2mm beanie cap for a little more warmth. Now the hard part, booties and gloves. I found again the Oneil booties are the best for heat.  The Oneil Heat 5mm round toe will do the trick, my feet have yet to get cold even in 39 degree water, and you still get pretty good board feel with them. For gloves there is only 1 option, the Dakine pre-curved mitts. Get the smallest size you can get into. I use size small (and I have big hands). The trick is before you hit the water let some water in, because they seal up pretty tight, so your hands will warm the water up inside and thus they stay warm.  And since they are pre-curved you get no bunching up in the hands.  Kiting and paddling you don’t even know they’re on but windsurfing it takes a few sessions to get used to them. I use a looser more open-hand grip on the boom, that seems to stop the forearm fatigue. So that’s my trick! You get this gear and your season will be super extended and you will be crazy warm, with no performance loss (if I can’t go full tilt, I wouldn’t be out there).   I know what you’re all saying wright now! Casey your crazy its freaken cold.  I used to be like that too!!! Many years ago. I am the biggest baby about the cold. I hate being cold that’s why my house is 85 all winter long. I used to stop surfing when the water/air hit the upper 50s in mid October. I Missed a lot of days!! I am actually colder standing on the beach with a winter jacket and pants on than I am out there in the 40 degree water. No Joke. So get Da gear and extend your season, on Da Reef!!!!


4 thoughts on “Cold Water Gear”

  1. Hey Casey thanks for the article! Everything helps. I found this year, contrary to what science has been telling us lately, you actually do loose a lot of heat of the top of your head, my trick is,,keep the head warm and your core temp seems to stay warm too! ps I sent my O’neil Dry to pro-motion wetsuits in Oregon for replacment of the legs, which were getting pretty battered, and they only charged me USD$80.00. Way cheaper than buying a whole new suit>

    1. Yea! I thought about getting it sent out for repair, but decided the suit was too old and it was always pretty stiff in the legs and arms which i didnt like. so a excuse, to get a new one. very glad i did. new one is way warmer and super flexaible, zero stiffnes in arms and legs, it feels lighter too? Keeping head warm is everything, i think this a fact?, but you lose %90 of your body heat thru the top of your head, or something like that.

  2. oneil gear rocks.i wear a mutant also but my go to COLD water suit is the 6/5/4 oneil heat with 6/5/4 mutant booties like wearing fuzzy bedroom slippers!heh heh.AND THE DAKINE MITTS ARE WELL?DAKINE

    1. Yes i have the 6/5/4 mutant booties also, and your right! crazy stupid warm! The only thing i dont like about them, is the bottoms feel spongy, so i lose a lot of board feel. i found the 5mm heat, are about just as warm, but have a thinner sole.=better board control.

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