2011 Sessions in Review

Casey’s Blog:

Time for my annual session totals and reviews from 2011.  It was going to be very hard to beat 2010, that was truly an “epic” year, but 2011 turned out pretty darn good! After a slow start The Reef turned on strong right till the end with some of the latest sessions I have ever had. For total I had 129 total days on the water, with 93 of them playing in the waves! For the second year in a row August was the best month with 17 surf days. So weird, usually lucky to get 4, but no complaining here. July and Nov tied for second with 15 surf days. S.U.P. is the greatest! I scored 35 extra days in the waves + went home with a smile on my face every time- Big Thanks thanks to SUPing. The best day of the year was Oct 17. It was the last day of that 4 day big Oct weekend blow out and this year we got some good video to show it (Currently still editing it).  I was in the water 10 of 12 months last year, Thanks to trips to Corpus and Hatteras. I’m going for getting watertime all 12 months this year! Bring on 2012; I already have 2 wave days in the bank. Yea!    Check out all the fun stats below, from 2011.            P.S.-How many days you have? Please share so we can get a fun list going!

2011 Sesh Stats:
Best day of year: Oct 17 (3.4 windsurf/sideshore wind+mast high waves)
Total Days in the Water: #129
Total Days in Waves: #93
Total Windsurfing days: #49 (6.2m and smaller)
Total S.U.P in Waves: #35 (paddling and sail)
Total Kite Surfing: #9 (12m and smaller)
Total Snow Kiting: #14 (13m and smaller)
Total S.U.P in Flat water: #20 cruzing!

Jan: #6 Snowkite
Feb: #8 Snowkite
Mar: #2 Windsurf(Corpus)
Apr: #6 Windsurf(Hatteras)
#1 SUP Wave(Hatteras)
#3 SUP Flat water
#1 Landsail
May: #3 SUP Wave
#9 SUP Flatwater
Jun: #6 Windsurf
#2 SUP Wave
#2 SUP Flatwater
Jul: #9 Windsurf
#6 SUP Wave
Aug: #9 Windsurf
#7 SUP Wave
#2 Kite Surf
#1 SUP Flatwater
Sep: #5 Windsurf
#3 SUP Wave
Oct: #6 Windsurf
#2 SUP Wave
#1 Kite Surf
#3 SUP Flatwater
#2 Land Kiting
Nov: #4 Windsurf
#8 SUP Wave
#3 Kite Surf
Dec: #2 Windsurf
#3 SUP Wave
#3 Kite Surf
#1 SUP Flatwater


16 thoughts on “2011 Sessions in Review”

  1. That time on the water is pretty impressive. I did not break the 100 mark this year but did get out any chance I could. I had over 90 days on the water. The majority were flat water SUP days, many of those exploring new areas including Ellicott Creek, Erie Canal, Niagara River, Western Shores of Lake Erie, Lake Michigan and even Lake Iowa. The waves did not seem to cooperate for my level of SUP surfing however on my second day out I reached my goal of turning down the line on a wave (Thank you BLEND!!!). The windsurfing days were awesome and my aggressive side came out, searching out ramps and getting what air I could. I was on the water locally 8 months in 2011, no opportunity for travel and those bonus days. I am off to a good start in my attempt at water time 12 months of the year in 2012. Keep those 50 degree days coming so I can get out in February and March!

    1. My season almost mirrors my lovely brides (see above).

      I got in 96 days on the water, most flat water sup, a few more and better waves days, a couple hobie days, and a few light windsurf days, but on the positive I do have a day on the water every month since april, 2011.

    2. Great job gail. I know you had a rocken year windsurfing. You passed me many times, your going for super big air now. And your sticking your gybes. Damm good year. Now this year maybe HITTING THE LIP? Yea!

  2. We are reporting unusual low numbers of days spent on the water in 2011. We only had a total of 27 days spent on the water. 16 windsurfing and 11 SUPing, all in Hatteras. I think this is because we didn’t see much wind/waves in May/June and the hurricane Irene which destroyed Rt. 12 late in August. We were not able to go down to Avon for a few weeks.


  3. 91 days sailing/kiting/sup.25 snow kiting.2012 off to great start 2wdsurf/4 sup days.THE WIND IN 2012 HAS BEEN HOWLING!!!!LETS HOPE IT CONTINUES????

  4. 1. I didn’t keep track of my sailing or supping last year. I think my best ws year ever was 70 days.

    I know that I didn’t sail enough. The first day I sailed was June and I think everyone saw that one in the paper. The last day I sailed was Turkey day and Roger has the video. Great camera work, but I’m not proud of my jibes on that cold and windy day.

    Supping has made the difference in 2011. Thanks to the reef warriors! I would get to the beach and never be disappointed. No wind NP; I can walk to the beach and paddle. Best of all my bride is going to buy one too. Supping in the ocean is unbelievable. No wind and the waves keep coming. How sweet is that? I still like the reef for best all-around waves sailing.

    I know last year I snow kited 19 times.

    I guess I need to count to keep up with you guys.
    Let the tally marks begin.
    This year I’ve snow kited 2x.

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