1st Ever, February Windsurf!

Casey’s Blog:

Wow, This winter is super crazy! I got out windsurfing last week not once but twice! I also heard that Gail and some fellow reef warriors were sailing out at cargil too. This is the First time I have ever sailed on the reef in february. Both days were super sunny with some good-sized waves.  Air and water were about 36 degrees (no prob for that new wetsuit I got). The wind was pretty light on the reef, but good on the outside. Perfect for the 104L quad which I am starting to get the hang of.  This same time last year I was out on a frozen reef snow kiting-just wild!  Made a quick vid of the action with the new Clew View mount; it shows off that new board real well:-)


4 thoughts on “1st Ever, February Windsurf!”

  1. awsome isn it great to sail all year long?! i have the same board great float in a small package for us big guys.awaited the production 104 since june 2011 when pascal at FWH let me know they were going to be a reality!got it in sept.LOVE IT!!WAY TO RIPP!!!KEEP UP THE STOKE!!!got 17 days on the water so far in 2012 sup/sailing!!!

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