Evil Twins

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Say hello to my new best friends “The Evil Twins” is what I call them. They are my new windsurfing boards,  2012 Goya quads 104L and 84L versions.  And good thing I am already married, because these girls are trouble!!. He he.  Seriously these boards are by far the best, for reef/erie and any kind of wave/B&J sailing, by ten fold.  This board is truly the first board that does it all. Its Fast, turns on a dime, Loose, goes upwind like crazy, smooth as hell, super controllable, and planes early. You name it, it does It.!  The 104L dose sails from 6.5 to 5.0, and it rides like a 70L wave board except you don’t get your feet wet, and the 84L takes care of the rest, It handled a 3.4 in 50 knots in way over mast high conditions. And I was in complete control. The most fun part of these boards is they never stop motoring, so I can ride a wave with zero power in the sail and feel like I am really surfing. Fun Fun Fun. That sums it up!  If you are thinking of getting a new board, doesn’t matter your skill level. No question, get one of these. They are by far the best board out there. It will totally increase your stoke level.

Note: I rode the 92L version last year(unchanged for 2012) and it’s the first board ever that I could say “this is perfect for a one board quiver”  from 6.2 to 3.4  the board felt the same on all sizes. Even on the 6.2 it floated me and planed up just as quickly as my 115L freestyle board. I know a couple people who have the 92L, and they both say the same thing and are completely amazed.

This is how the First pic of the boards turned out really! I know, I was having a bad hair day.


6 thoughts on “Evil Twins”

  1. I’m a heavy guy, I use a lot the 92L here in Pozo Izquierdo, from 4,2 to 5,7 and looks like it was designed for me, one of the best boards I’ve ever ridden.

  2. i know you love them goyas!do you still ride the OES 115 QUADi saw you post about earlier?how do the GOYA,S compare to the OES? i was looking at them before the large Goya came out.who do you get YOUR GOYA boards from?i ride for margarget a AVON SAIL HOUSE GET MY GEAR from her.joe

    1. Hey Joe! I get my Goya’s from Dave at “Windance” from the gorge. He is a pretty good guy and used to live and sail around here. Plus he has a direct link to Goya, so he can get the boards when nobody else can! Margarget didn’t have any at the time, so that was not an option, but she rocks, know her for long time. Yes I still have the OES, it just lives in Hatteras now, for when i visit there. The Goya Quad is a way better board for Erie, (Less rocker, planes quicker). The OES has more tail kick(more rocker, and thinner tail) so it works much better for the steep east coast waves! the control on both boards is still mind blowing amazing. Makes you have NO FEAR! Love it.

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