Gidget gets a February session

Not only did Casey get a couple days this month, Gail logged some sailing time too! Only about a 1/2 hr at Gallager beach(also know as cargill ) at  the end of the day thursday, February 9th. I finally got some video footage on the new camera to use with my new video edit program.

Mark, the other sailor out that day, was also out earlier in the week. Retired guys have all the fun.

Check out the Short video.

Gail and I were going through some videos from the summer. Here is one from an August day. North winds over 25mph sent us down to Niagara River.



7 thoughts on “Gidget gets a February session”

  1. Looking GREAT Gail ! You have a lot of guts !
    We are having a session here and there in Fl . thank goodness a bit warmer than up where you are !- Lou what is your new camera?-
    Have to go sailing !

    1. We would love to hear from the tribal elders in Fla. If you want to send up some photos and a note and we will post.
      The new camera is a canonpowershot sx 40, 12.1 mega pixal 35x zoom. Should make surfing the reef look like shore break.
      We also have a new gopro, just need a gail attachment and we are good to go.

    1. Hi Joe, I love the boom! I’ve been sailing it a lot at Cargill in Jan and Feb. I just saw the Feb. 9 video. There actually was more wind earlier in the day when I first got there. It was fun to see it though. Lou did a nice job.

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