Drysuit Vs Wetsuit

Casey’s Blog:

So I was talking to Randy from Michigan and he asked me if my wetsuit was a drysuit in my cold water gear “review”! and how did I like it. After i got done emailing him, I read what i wrote and was like “This would be a great post.” Plus after surfing a whole winter season in my new wetsuit scoring killer wave sesh’s in lots of 34 degree water I got thinking:  “Why would anybody buy a drysuit?” (Unless they’re stuck in the 80’s/90’s maybe, trying to look retro!  haha!),  anyways  here is what I wrote.

“Yup it’s a wetsuit and it’s way better then any drysuit. Now I have never been a
fan of drysuits since they choke the shit out of ya, cut off all of your blood flow, you have to wear clothes under them to stay warm and then you feel like the Michelin man.
Drysuits still get water in them anyways and if you ever got a cut in them and had
to go for a swim you most likely would fill up with water and would drown. All that
being said, until about 8 years ago they were the only 30-40 degree option to
keep ya warm.

But not anymore. Now the materials they have for wetsuits are insane.
They are super stretchy; you don’t even feel it’s on you and mobility is huge in cold
water. They let zero wind through them so you get no heat-loss from that. They
actually don’t soak up any water and they let very little water in. You never
feel the water through them. You really don’t get wet at all. With the zip-in hood
it’s seamless,  plus they are super easy to get on and off without any help. Try
that with a drysuit? When i take off my suit from a 30 degree sesh, my body is
literally steaming with heat.

The Oneil I have is so crazy warm and the quality is by far the best. It will last you for many seasons. Anybody who gets a drysuit anymore has to have a screw loose or is very misinformed. For example, just look at the surfers in you area or anywhere in the great lakes. Do you see them with a drysuit on? Nope you wont find a one. And they are sitting right in that 30 degree water for hours! They are all wearing 5/4 – 6/5 wetsuits. They are the proof. You can’t denies that. If you get that suit on my review, I promise you, you
wont be cold.”

So in my opinion, it looks like Drysuits are dead.  Love to hear your feedback! and thanks Randy for the inspiration! Check his blog out: http://randybass.wordpress.com/

8 thoughts on “Drysuit Vs Wetsuit”

  1. Case, good post.
    Wetsuit /drysuit, i can’t wait till the water is warm enough for birthday suit. especially our paddleboard yoga girls.

    1. As one of the yoga girls, I am waiting for warmer weather too but for paddleboard yoga a birthday suit is a little too skimpy!

  2. My wetsuit is not as warm as yours but what I have keeps my body warm. It is always my hands that get cold and that ultimately limits my session. I have the O’neill curved mittens but what else can I do (besides not fall into the water so much!) to keep my hands warmer?

    1. Yea thats still the the last prob in windsurfing. The dakine mitts are by far the best. The trick is to fill them up with water before you start. That keeps hands warm. the water acts as a insulation. From that cold wind and water.!

  3. Hi, interesting and you;re right the modern wetsuits are so cool – I tried this drysuit that rocked though – and chances of a snag are so much reduced from the outer, errr, wetsuit! For surfing these are amazingly un-bouyant and great for 2nd and 3rd sessions. But this suit is worth a look as the freedom of movement is something else – even compared to my o’neill winter suits – and I live on the west coast of Ireland and they all get a lot of use!


  4. O’NEILL BOOST DrySUIT IS COMFY, WARM AND EASY TO GET IN AND OUT OF! THE DRY SUIT works in all conditions and when I take it off I am dry and warm!!

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