Goodbye to the winter that wasn’t

Jimmy Buffett once wrote “They’re freezin’ up in Buffalo, stuck in their cars”. Well Jimmy should have been here this, the last weekend in the winter of 2011- 2012. Saturday, St. Patrick’s day, set a high temp. record, Sunday even warmer, and a wonderful week ahead. To celebrate the end of the winter we got a couple flat water sup’s in this weekend.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Western New York area, we never plan anything outside that does not include snow untill after St. Pats day, too often  the last winter storm of the season has ruined the parade down Delaware ave.

It even snows on opening day for the minor league baseball team, and as late as Mothers day.

Not this year!!!

Casey is into double digits for days on the water, Gail has 2 windsurf days, and 3 sup days since the 1st of the year, and I have 3 sup days, and counting. ( I believe Casey will fill you all in shortly on his latest exploits)

Gail & I got out saturday on Ellicott creek, for a late afternoon paddle. We shared the stream with only turtles, geese and ducks. A great end to the day.

Sunday we  gathered at the tip of the Buffalo Inner Harbor, and paddled along the Naval Ships and the Grain Mills. Jim Dandy joined us for this adventure. It took a bit of coaxing to convince Jim NOT to drysuit up, and that he will NOT need his gloves.

Casey & Amanda arrived a little to late to catch up, but joined us in spirit as they walked along the waterfront.

We had to climb over some driftwood to launch off a little sand spit that passes for a beach. As Jim and Gail headed into the harbor I chose to explore the breakwall. Big mistake. While in awe of how this thing was built so many years ago without modern equipment, I got caught in the strong current, at the same time a fishing boat went by, creating the perfect storm, and into the cold (40 degrees) lake I went. Took my breath away.

The sun quickly dried me off and I was warm again. Glad I put on my life jacket.

Seeing the navy ships from the water was amazing. What a sight.

We traveled along the old train terminal to the Michigan St. lift bridge and the fireboat, the Edward Cotter, to our left and the grain mills to the right. The smell of Cheerios filled the air ( another WNY specialty, like beef on weck and chicken wings) as we paddled past the General Mills plant.

Heading back to the launch area we found C&A, loaded up and headed to lunch, to round out an enjoyable day. Thanks for reading my rambles, here are some photo’s from the weekend.

Happy Spring

Enjoy, Lou




2 thoughts on “Goodbye to the winter that wasn’t”

  1. I love the photos! The day was a perfect ten. I must say it was nice that there was no traffic on the water. I think everyone should do this trip. 🙂

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