Hatteras Time!

Casey’s  Blog:
   Yup it,s that time of  the year!  Were everybody from the northeast and great lakes head down to Hatteras for there spring warm up sessions.!  My wagon is loaded with toys and ready for blast off.  I will be down there for the next 12 days for some sun and surf action.  Hope to have a rum with everybody!

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9 thoughts on “Hatteras Time!”

    1. I think were are close to you? We Will be behind dairy queen in avon. Go to the end of that street take a left and another quick left. And house is on the left! I will put the Reef Warrior flag up when i get there! 🙂

  1. have fun, gail and will will hold down the fort here. hopefully a trip to da’reef this weekend.
    keep us updated. if a couple bottles of surf point merlot fit in your trailer for the trip back they will not go to waste.
    good wind and good rum to you. easy on the fish tacos, you will need to still fit into your wetsuit when you get back. watch out for the trunk monkeys too!!!!

    1. Oh yaa! Been great. Sailed 4.7 on thur, 4.0 on fri, and 5.5 on sat. Look like ramp 34 SUP action today! Woo hoo!

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