Ahh Hatteras! Life is Good!

Casey’s Blog:

Life is always good in hatteras.  I am 4 for 4 so far on this trip. Scored 3 days of great windsurfing from 4.0 to 5.5 sessions, and a sweet Sup wave sesh yesterday. see pics.!(Blondie Great job on all the pics)

Nothing Like trying to squeez in the tube.
That 10'6 Naish just rocks in these waves.
Big Z. is rocking it toe side.
Blondi says: Moondoggie nice tube ride.
Moondoggie says: What tube? I was just running from a shark!
Some times Hatteras waves, spit up paddle boarders onto the beach!
Sandy Bottoms, On Life guard Duty!
Possium Scoring a sunset sesh at the Hole.
Reef Warriors, doing the sunset warrior dance!
Hatteras Sunsets! best in the World.

2 thoughts on “Ahh Hatteras! Life is Good!”

  1. What a way to end a monday at work, seeing you guys having fun, looking forward to stories when you return. Is there any rum left? now that r&s are there any t-shirts left?
    happy anniversary

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