bring on your wrecking ball

Just a quick little update while Casey heads back from obx, with a bunch of new toys to review and stories to tell.

Gail and I joined Dave c. for a nice friday the 13th paddle on ellicott creek.

Saturday Gail & I loaded up and headed up to the reef. We were greeted with a cloudy day and flat water on lake erie and hugs and handshakes from our friends. After catching up with our fellow reef warriors we headed out to the wreck, our great monolith and icon of the reef.

                                   The wreck circa 2011

Casey had told us of the damage mother nature had caused the old girl all winter. We could not believe our eyes. The wrecking ball trifecta of wind, waves and time tore up the remaining steel hull.

the wreck 4/14/2012

What is amazing is the fact that this wreck has been here since the early 1960’s, and many storms have battered it in that time frame. We have noticed over the past few years that small amounts of damage had occured but never have we witnessed such destruction during the winter season.

When we were up last (1/22/12) it looked to be in good shape.

I am going to gather up some old photos and do some research into the history of this wreck to share with you before it all turns to dust.


7 thoughts on “bring on your wrecking ball”

  1. thanks for that info ,we shall miss that landmark , should it disappear alltogether ! Hope to check it out soon ourselves .Yes we are back and hope to see you folks soon !
    Good for you you went out paddling again ! What did people ever do without those SUPs??
    You mean C bought MORE new toys for the coming season?

    1. looking forward to seeing you both upon your return. also looking forward to hearing stories from florida.
      if you have any good wreck photos through the years i would like to see if i could use them

  2. Lou,
    That’s amazing. We’ve got an 1870 wooden schooner, just below the surface near the beach by our cottage on Lake Huron. It’s still got parts left!

    1. that barge has been there since 1961. when i started going up there it was almost whole, with a crane on top. (someday photos of that) we used to sail out there tie off the sunfish and jump from the deck, all while avoiding seagull droppings.
      we have a few other wrecks in our area.
      Do you know the name of your schooner?

      1. I think it’s this:
        Other names : none
        Official no. : 22387
        Type at loss : schooner-barge, wood, bulk freight
        Build info : 1861, Campbell & Owen, Detroit as a bark
        Specs : 136x26x12, 306g 291n
        Date of loss : 1895, Nov 19
        Place of loss : Oak Pt., W of Pte Aux Barques
        Lake : Huron
        Type of loss : storm
        Loss of life : none
        Carrying : light
        Detail : Stranded and became a total loss in a NE gale.
        Converted from a bark to a schooner in 1872.

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