More 11′ 8 Wind SUP+Action.

Casey’s Blog:

Round 2 of my Excoet 11’8 Wind SUP review. This board is a crazy amount of fun! Everything I throw at the board, Is just fun. The other day the wind was light, blowing about 5-15 kt, so I rigged up a 7.5. and stuck it on the Wind SUP. I kicked the center board down, to quickly get out away from shore and into the wind line. Then kicked the center board up, gave the sail a couple of pumps, and the board was up on a fast plane in no time. Its amazing for such a big board how fast it planes up! Plus its so smooth and carves really nice, way better then any wide body board. The wind was really gusty, so when I was sloggen I would use the center board to help stay up wind. It’s so nice not to waste all that time and energy trying to get up wind. After about a hour the wind died. So i came in, unhooked the sail and center board, grabbed the SUP paddle. Paddled out to the reef and scored some nice glassy long rides. It doesn’t get much better then that.

The next day the wind was the same speed but really side off, which makes it very on or off. So this time i paired up the 4.8 Sup sail, with the Wind SUP board. I cranked up wind in no time to Dead Mans bay and caught waist high set after set, down the line wave sailing, just smacking lips and carving waves for hours. It was some of the most fun I have had in the 19 years of windsurfing. So for the last month I have been riding this board I have yet to fall in, wipe out, or even get my hair wet. Goes to show ya just how stable it is, unlike the long boards of old! Plus i have been riding it strapless the whole time. you can put straps on it, but i don’t really see the need. except when i try to loop it. hehehe

Ok I know its only MAY but I declare the Exocet 11’8 Wind SUP Board of the year! heck it might be board of the century!  Just like “my board of the year” last year. The Goya quad, which was a huge jump in performance,  except for being good at 1 discipline the Exocet is good for like 6, Windsurfing, Wave sailing, SUP Surfing, Flat water SUP, Learning Windsurfing, and anything else you can think of. It does it all at an extremely high and fun level. You can show up to any type of water with this board and have so much fun no matter what your skill level.

It probably will take 10 years but boards like the 11’8 Wind SUP with their range of performance are going to be very very popular.

Last thing, The negatives.  First: The board came with a 38 cm Blade Fin. WTF. That’s huge!  Its not a formula board.  So I got a 27cm wave/swept back fin for it and it’s working out way better for everything use, even when I had the 7.5 sail on it, it worked great!  Second: the center-board mechanism Sucks.  It wont kick down to save your life. Very sticky. I have gotten the hang of it but it is not very user friendly at all. they need to redesign that ASAP.  Other than that, it’s a ground breaking board. Period.

Finally, here’s a little clip from the other day, with me on the board and the 4.8 Wind SUP sail on average light wind day on the reef. Thank You Lou! for the footage. More too come, soon!

12 thoughts on “More 11′ 8 Wind SUP+Action.”

  1. Great board and I’m glad that you finally told me something wrong because I was worried that this was a glowing review. now i can believe everything u said. I guess I should ask owner to use the board.

  2. Thank you! Just found the Exocet WindSup online a few minutes ago.
    Have you tried the Starboard 12’0″ x 32″ ‘Big Easy’ with the centreboard? Just wondering how these two compare, both with and without a sail.

    1. I have lots of time on the big easy! Fun board. Never tried the center board model thou. The Wind Sup is a way better board all the way around. A lot better sailing especially. The only plus for the big easy , is it might be a tweak more stable when paddling, as its a wider board. I would only go with the big easy if i were a heavyweight just wanting to SUP paddle. If you want to to any sailing. Wind Sup is the way too go!

  3. Thanks so much again! Super helpful for us.
    I’d only go bigger because I intend to, at times, take 1 (or 2 or 3) of the children on the board with me when paddling.
    How about comparing the two boards surfing? (I’m guessing that the Exocet is quite a bit better?)
    You’re comments about the Exocet have so far have caused me to lose some sleep thinking of this board!

    1. They are pretty similar when catching waves! Paddling that is. The Wind Sup is more responsive and makes sharper turns cause of the pin tail. Were as the Big easy makes more Lazy turns.
      But when catching waves Wind Suping. Wind Sup Way Way better!

  4. Thanks again so much!
    If you don’t mind me asking: how much did you pay for yours? And where’d you get it from?

  5. Hey im a beginner windsurfer on a old spirit330 and is only 65cm wide so im having alot of trouble tacking without the board tipping and going down wind i have the same problem. I am only realy wanting a board for windsurfing but i could try supping if i had a sup board. Have you tried a exocet nano or link im trying to find out wich one would be best for me i want one with a dagger board and these are the best i can find in nz for a reasonable price. Also what do you think of the EVA decks are they problematic or are they prety durable. Im worried my boom or mast is going to tear it up being a beginner. I dont want it looking like crap in a short amount of time.

    1. Woops i meant to say im seriously looking at the windsup but was trying to weigh up the best option for me. Any help welcomed

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