A Hatteras quick trip!

Casey’s Blog:

I was very lucky to get 6 days off from work and fly down to Hatteras for some sun and surf. I scored waves all 6 days! Day #1 brought some sweet 4.7 lighthouse action and I spent most of the day figuring out how to turn left. I haven’t done that in a long time and by the end of the day got some good rides. Day#2 was spent in the sound on a 4.8 blasting and trying some freestyle moves. The rest of the days were spent paddle surfing head-high waves thanks to the first named storm in the Atlantic “Alberto” (See pics). Thanks Wendy for the nice shots below. You got to love quick trips!

Andy 4.2 at Lighthouse!
Sweet Head High Faces! Look at that paddle Flex!
Way too Nice!
Cover Shot! Long Boards Rule!
Fun Lefts!
Soo Clean!
Cool paddle trail!
Smack that Lip!
Cant get enough!
Even had chicks watching! Not!
Tough time getting out sometimes! some good munchers!
Ran out of room on this one. I tried to jump over the wave,Ha! it didnt end very well! Crunch!
Roxy(Black lab) was on Lifegaurd duty this time!

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