Updates from the North Shore (of lake erie)

Just wanted to let you know we are alive and well here on Da’ Reef.

Lots of nice sailing days of late, but nothing to rave about. A couple good Hobie days,

a couple good 6.5 sessions, not many sup-able waves though, until yesterday evening. Casey,with his trusty surf dog, Sandy Bottoms and I got out for a great sup-surf sess. Knee to waist-high waves, 30 to 45 second rides. And we both forgot the camera.

Dave C. finally got his new Exocet s-cross 114 wet and he was truly rewarded for his investment. We will get a gear review for this board up as soon as we can pry it from his grip. Or steal the keys to his storage area.

Our group of warriors continue to grow. I would like to welcome Cam to the wonderful world of windsurfing, keep up the good work. I would also like to note we have converted a prone surfer to a stand up paddler, welcome George.

Many days have been spent sailing the wind-sup sails from Aerotech. If you have not tried one you don’t know what you are missing.

Finally I want to note the presence of the Reef Warriors in the outer banks. Wendy and Roland have claimed Avon as Reef Warrior country Atlantic.


2 thoughts on “Updates from the North Shore (of lake erie)”

  1. The NC chapter is having a great 4th of July week in the obx!! Has been great SW winds and some fun ocean surf supping. Its too good, every muscle is sore!! Its a tough problem to have. : ) 4 more days to go with a perfect forcast! Yee Haaaa.

    1. HOT HOT HOT up here. thankfully a little lake breeze and rum have kept us chill-in.
      cooler temps on weekend should bring wind and waves. good to hear from you, keep the flag flyin’

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