Rum Quest Q and A, or Letters, we get letters, Or just another mojito monday.

Last evening Casey, Amanda, Gail and I tried a new mojito recipe, strawberry basil mojito. It was a big hit on the deck and packed quite a punch


I was going to post the recipe on rum quest Wednesday since I have been slacking on that duty. Then today we had a question come up from one of our followers re:the use of mint with rum, which allowed me the opportunity to share some thoughts.

Here is the question:

Michael commented on Rum QuestI come to you as a supplicant to an oracle.  I have a mint plant with many leaves.  I want to do something worthy with them, with rum.  Not too complicated.  What should I do, and with what rum should I do it? Note:  I have already tried placing a bottle of rum on top of a mint leaf.  Also waving a mint leaf over a bottle of rum.  My goal is to incorporate mint in the final beverage.Thank you kindly.

Now I am pleased that Michael will readily bow down to my rum knowledge, but I must correct his belief that we here at rum quest are oracles or high priests of rum. We are, simply put, Drunken Sailors!

To answer the question with one word, mojito! As to what rum to use, what ever you have on hand will do. Our favorite in Oronoco from Brazil. which tastes like a camp fire marshmallow when sampled straight, but when mixed with mint that has been beaten to a pulp, club soda and a simple syrup…… heaven in a glass.

Oronoco can also be mixed with pineapple juice, mint, limewedges.

1 1/2 oz. oronoco

3 limewedges

2 mint leaves

3 oz. pineapple juice   (I incorrectly said lime juice in the original post)

mint for garnish

in a shaker muddle mint and lime, add rum and pineapple juice, shake with crushed ice pour into tall glass, garnish with mint.

Other great rums for mojitos are Pyrat


15 thoughts on “Rum Quest Q and A, or Letters, we get letters, Or just another mojito monday.”

  1. In that recipe with the oronoco and pineapple is that 3oz of lime juice or pineapple juice? You wrote lime juice? Need a new drink to serve friends this coming week. This might work!

    1. you are correct- i should have wrote pinapple juice. i guess drinking rum while writing a post with a deck full of reef warriors is not a good idea. thanks for the catch. maybe you should be our editor.

  2. Personal opinion: No warrior of any kind should ever put ‘lime juice’ into a drink of any kind, unless by ‘lime juice’ you meany the juice of a fresh squeezed lime.
    (Rose’s Lime Juice /= lime juice)

    1. Brian, you are 100% correct. No one should ever use “lime juice” . Fresh squeezed is always the way to go.
      I did correct the mistake in the post. I must be having post tramatic stress from my “harness accident”.
      Thanks for pointing out the error in my ways.

      1. Lou,
        I was just clearing that up for the unwashed masses. For you it woukd be taken for granted since you are obviously a gentleman of the highest breeding.

  3. Brian, Can you get Ma dou dou rum in your area or just from st. martins?
    I believe you have spoke of this crazy sugar cane juice before.
    You could alway pack up the windsurf wagon(with gear & rum) and visit the reef, and join in a rum quest.

    1. BTW, Lou, I asked my local Pyrat supplier to search for Ma Doudou. In MI there’s a state bulletin that comes out every 6 months and lists all the liquors that are sold in MI. It is unavailable in Michigan. 😦

  4. What shall we do with a drunken sailor, earlay in the morning?

    Thank you for your intoxified wisdom. Will pursue these rums during the work week, and then will endeavor to concoct indicated libations worthy of a bunch of boozy lake sailors.

    Thanks much! I shall report back.

    Miguel Alejandro de la Peconica

  5. RE the Pyrat XO Reserve, I thought that it was also a great rum, straight up in a snifter, if you’re so inclined. (already shared this in a PM with Lou)

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