Hatteras, Wow what a trip!

Casey’s Blog:
      Well after 11 days in hatteras and scoring Sweet waves every day, i now need a vacation from my vacation. Hehe.  I am beat!  I got cuts, dings, bruises, Callas, and pain all over the place!  But my mind is so stoked!  I cant wait to get back on the da Reef!  
    First thing! thanks everybody for all the support during the AWT Wave Jam contest. That was super cool.   The contest itself was fun and frustrating( mostly cause lack of wind).  The first couple of days were only good for side off Sup sailing with perfect waist high sets! Soo much fun. But they didn’t get around to running anything like that, till late in the second day, finally they made the call and they had 32 contestants sign up! They got one round of heats in before the wind let up! Which was a bummer, i was a favorite to win that.
Day 3 and 4 had no wind until the last 3 hours of day 4! I got a quick 1 hour sesh in, Before i came in to watch the pros do there thing. It was super fun to watch them rip it up! You you don’t get to see that everyday! And that was pretty much it for the contest. Was not enough time to run anything else. So for the second time in a row at Wave Jam i did not get to compete due to lack of wind. I cant really complain thou, the wind before and after the event was great and the waves were huge and peeling the hole time. Don’t get much better than that. Definitely worth the Trip!

Check out the links below for all the event pics!

Slide show pics

AWT Video


2 thoughts on “Hatteras, Wow what a trip!”

  1. I love hearing about all the fun u had. The pics were of professional quality and the video was well done too. I was talking to one,of the ws guys this weekend. He said Casey must of been in the pro division. I had to agree u r that good, but said u said no. U and Dan r pros to us! You motivate us/or push us to try new moves.

  2. Thanks for the stoke jim. Yes technical your right, i should be in the pro division. But i am not really a big fan of competing. I just want to go out there, and have fun with all the sailors out there. And not have all this pressure to “win”. Windsurfing is a lifestyle/hobby for me, not a job. When you turn it into a job its not much fun anymore.
    Plus you think me and dan are good, you should see the real “pros”. They are freaking amazing

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