7 Days of Reef + Chili

Casey’s Blog:

Wow that was a fun 7 day straight sesh on the reef!  It had every condition possible, SE wind to NW to glassy Waves.  I got out! on every toy I owned. Windsurf, Wind Sup, Paddle Sup, Kite and Surf board.  That’s the best part of the reef  no matter what the conditions your going to have some amazing rides.  It ended with the best Sup Paddle  sesh of the Year on wed.  Its was glassy, shoulder-high, sets, firing in.  I caught a couple of rides in front of the shipwreck, that were pretty good but, too small for that spot. So i paddled up past “Dead Mans Bay” and hit what i am calling “Sneaky Point”.  Now that the water level is 2 ft below normal. this spot has turned into a classic point break that’s amazing.  Its Peeling rights! that last 100yd +.   I caught about 20 rides that were Soo much fun.  I am looking forward to more sessions there this fall.

Check out Marty’s Video for this past week on Da Reef!  http://www.thewindmil.com/

Chili Party: 

Our annual Chili Cook off party is going down this Saturday,  party starts about 5-6pm!  at Ledge #4.  This is one super fun party for all the Reef Warriors. so if you in the area or even if you’re not.  come on down.  Chilli and Rum together, doesn’t get any better than that!  Questions or info: Faceman74@aol.com

Found this pic from Wave jam!  good one of me crunching that Lip!


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