Rum Quest Wednesday or Sorry Dave I was pirated.

I was helping (more like just hanging out) Casey do some work at his mom’s summer place when our friend and neighbor, Tui stopped by to say hello.

During our conversation Tui mentioned that she had a bottle of Admiral Rodney rum.

Being the good pirates we are, we persuaded her, with disregard of her plea of “no I can not, I must not open this rum with out my Dave, it is a promise I made and must keep”!

The flag of no quarter was run up the mast as we attempted to relive Tui of her treasure.

After a valiant fight she finally gave in to the pleasures we desired.

And what pleasures indeed, this award-winning rum came in a beautiful package and bottle.

When poured into the tasting goblets we were greeted with wonderful amber color and a sweet attractive nose and sexy rum legs.

The initial taste was sweet toffee or caramel very up front and followed by ripe fruit or figs. There is a black pepper warmth. Along the way you will also enjoy the taste of oak cask (formerly used to age bourbon) brings everything to a very wonderfully smooth finish.

Any Reef Warriors within sniffing  ( Amanda and Sandy Bottoms, were soon followed by Randy and Sharon) distance soon appeared to taste, drink and behold the bounty of  delights that Tui had bestowed upon our senses.

This St. Lucia distiller certainly knows how to make rum.

Keep this rum locked up and only share with true believers.

Oh yeah, Dave she’s not that sorry.

She is a pirate at heart after all.


3 thoughts on “Rum Quest Wednesday or Sorry Dave I was pirated.”

  1. Arghhhh, that’s what ye get fer leavin the reef early. Love it. You guys are too much. Thanks all for making sure it wasn’t tainted, spoiled or laced with poison. I’m looking forward to having a taste myself (with my reef warrior mateys of course)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dave you can share some of that bootie w/ Gail. I left her high and dry as well.
    Trust me this rum is as far from taint as possible. It is as smooth as a calm sea.

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