Extra/Extra read all about it.

Hi there gang,

Just wanted to share an article from Erie Media about our great windsurf spot.

Follow these links for the story and photos.



Thanks to Dave from Erie Media for the coverage and nice story.

I believe the article is also in the Welland and Niagara Falls papers, for those of you who still read the paper, in which case you probably do not have a computer so this point is moot.

I also wish to send out a  much belated congratulation announcement to Randy and Sharon who won the chili cookoff this year. They are the 1st back to back champs.

Derek won a new category most unique,

The runner ups were a couple of rookies Ryan and Mike.

The Edge from U2 and Rod Stewart were spotted at chili cook off.

Check out the link here for the photos from the party.


Thanks to John for the great pics, Thanks to the chili cook off band, great job as always keeping us singing around the campfire. And last but not least great job to all who entered chili. This years batch was outstanding.

I forgot to get in the original post.

Thanks to Brendan Graham for sharing this video from this past weekend.


2 thoughts on “Extra/Extra read all about it.”

  1. Sweet article!! Received the video’s. Awesome job putting it all together and great music. Will be watching it many more times as its packed with clips and details! The NC Reef Warrior chapter gives it a thumbs up! We’re still psyched to have been there to score Aug 31st with you all. Thanks for sharing!!

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