October! its a Wrap!

Casey’s Blog:

Well that’s a wrap on October.  It was a great month for wind and waves as usual, with a couple of big days scored on the 2nd reef.  I think I got my new Niash choppers about tuned in. (review coming soon) What amazed me this year, was that everybody’s ability to shred waves has gone up a big notch. Everywhere I looked sailors, kiters and surfers were going for bottom turns, smacking lips, going for big air. It was so much fun to see and really gets me stoked. Sorry don’t have much film of the sessions. My Go-pro mount snapped in half and it ended up at the bottom of the reef after a monster Back loop. Oops!  Now bring on November! I have scored some epic sessions during that month in the past, ya just got to brave the cold. Which is very easy with the new suits.

Speaking of epic! Check these pic’s out of me from Hatteras wave jam in September.  It’s like a cover shot! Sweet!

Thats what Life’s about. Right there!
Yup! shorts match the SUP board.
Thats a SUP! Nooooooo

5 thoughts on “October! its a Wrap!”

  1. oct.was good!7 days of wet wind from sandy as of today 11-1-2012!been using a naish chopper xl on my goya 104 quad also to compliment my quiver of goya banzai,s.got a set of makani quad 17,sx8,s fins very nice!

    1. Which sail is do you like the most or is more powerfull, the chopper or Banzai. I am considering buying the choppers or banzai’s.
      Thanks in advance

  2. is this OCT in lake Erie?? no suit? I will be in Canada next year and coming from the med i thought i would be in my 3/5mm all year round. When do you guys start to suit up?

    1. come visit us, we have water temps in the 70’s most of the summer, shortie suits start in late august and full suits around october/ water temps fall to low 60’s mid 50’s by then.

      1. Oh I will, thank u!
        Med has about the same temps in Cyclades (Greece) where the good spots are. I don’t surf in the winter though, am usually on my skis on when powder starts piling :))

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