The Night before Christmas………Reef Warrior style

beach-sceneT’was the night before Christmas and all along the beach,

not a sail was fluttering, not from luff to leach.


The Reef Warriors were all snug in their beds,

while visions of new gear danced in their heads.


Our boards were all stacked up safe from a storm,

while inside we were all cozy and warm.



MoonDoggie and Possum sitting comfy on their bums

were enjoying the taste of some really fine rums.


When out on the Reef the wind rose in a clatter.

I looked to the wreck to see what was the matter.


Out on the lake I saw in disbelief,

Waterman Santa surfing the reef.


He sailed like Naish, like Laird he did surf,

making Lake Erie seem like his home turf.


He smacked the lip with such authority and grace.

He even put a smile on MoonDoggie’s face.


hobie santa

He came through the shore break an old Hobie for a sleigh

so loaded with goodies it filled up the bay.


His toes were all gnarly

his nose bent and broke

despite all his scars

his eyes showed pure stoke.


Some call him “St Nick”

Some call him “Kris Kringle”

Possum thought to herself

“I wonder if he is single?”


Then what to my wondering eyes did appear,

were 8 new boards and lots of new gear.

Super SUP (5)


A twin fin

a quad

a SUP board or two

a skinny mast

a folding boom

a quiver of sails 

all brand spankin’ new.


On to the deck he unloaded the swag,

a harness, a paddle, a brand new board bag.sup santa


When he finished his task he grabbed up his rig

 and caught a great ramp that was real freakin’ big.wind surf santa

(alternate verse for our kite friends)kitesanta2

With a pat on his head I helped launch his kite,

as he sailed away he got a jump of tremendous height.


The winter swell brought the Christmas Yule tide

And over the white caps Waterman Santa did ride.

I heard him exclaim as he sailed out of sight,christmas_beach_picture

Merry Christmas,

Hit the Lip


to All a Good Night!



Happy Holidays from Casey and Lou


12 thoughts on “The Night before Christmas………Reef Warrior style”

  1. Great prose and glad tidings to all of our reef brothers & sisters for a fabulous holiday season. Looking forward to getting the family together on the reef for a New Year’s Eve extravaganza and if the bay stay clear, which it seems certain it will, a New Year’s Day paddle. Would be a great sacrafice to ensure 2013 is loaded with wind and waves.

  2. What great words and pics in the best of reefwarrior -style ! May you all have great wind and waves for 2013 ! Thank you for keeping up the most enjoyable reefwarrior -blog .
    Merry Christmas and all the very best wishes for the New Year !

    1. happy holidays to you both. thanks for the kind words.
      of course while i am working furiously to spread xmas cheer, casey is out sailing till the end of the year.
      which i am sure we will all read about, when he has time to thaw out.

    1. Thanks for the compliment Jr. Glad to know you understand poetry and all, but your little bro would not know a haiku from iambic pentameter if it hit him in the lip.
      I am the well read 1/2 of the reef warrior crew.
      Now go have a rum
      sit on your bum
      enjoy the sun
      go have some fun
      Happy new year to you and susan,

      1. thanks for acknowledging the old guy here, faceman may be younger, more athletic, a better windsurfer, and dashingly good looking, so i gots to find something to excel at.

  3. Case,if I was 30 Years younger and 30 lighter ,I’d be out there with you Rum Bums!Looks like a blast!Wife says you Surf Cats are Crrrraaaaaaazy!Long May you Wave!

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