Bang 2012, Hello 2013!

Casey’s Blog:

    Wow 2012 sure ended with a bang.  On the 31st I got up at 7am scored a fun snow kite sesh in a foot of powder. Then raced up to the Reef and windsurfed in 30 knots/ mast high waves till dark, even Sandro and Steve joined in on the fun.  Then I wasn’t done yet with the day.  Most of the Reef Warriors assembled at sherkston for a killer news year eve party. I lasted till 2am before I finally ran out of gas and Rum. Not a bad way to end 2012, 19 hours strait of pure fun.  Now the first problem in 2013 is its taken me 3 days to recover from all that action. I getting old.  Amanda and I did start off the year by scoring the first sesh on the reef. It was a nice Sup sesh with some very smooth waist high peelers. I am very proud of Amanda for suiting up and going for it. Cause it was cold (Air temp in Low 20F(-6c)).  She broke thru the Mental barrier and found out how fun cold weather surfing can be. Session #1 is now in the books.  Bring on 2013!

Thanks Christina.Sandro and Jim for the pics.


Steve getting ready for Da Sesh


Very sweet waves!
Snowball fight!
BIG D. Always scoring all the ladies!
Rum pie. Soooo goood.
One Last 2012 Loop!
Floating some air time in the pow.
Go Jim Dandy!
Life is good!

One thought on “Bang 2012, Hello 2013!”

  1. I must say that Casey really went for it on New Year’s Eve. He was on the hill by 8 am! He motivated me to get the kite out to meet him. I was happy to see Steve and Sandro out on the water. Wow! The biggests kudos go to Amanda to sup on New Years Day! Amanda let me know the next time you sup, so I can share a wave with you 🙂

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