More January Fun!

Casey’s Blog:

I am loving 2013!  I Already have 5 amazing sessions racked up on the reef.  Check out this sweet go pro action that Cliff made from Wednesday action. It felt just like a July day, except air water were both 36F(2C). The color of the sky is just so cool looking!  Also check out Cliffs new blog its pretty neat!


5 thoughts on “More January Fun!”

  1. Very impressive , super sailing , and beautiful shots ….you sure go for it !…
    We rather wait for the warming waters ….soon…

  2. Went to check video out and it said it was unavailable ?What kind of crap is that,Triech?I see I’m gonna have to run your I.T. Department AND watch the Rum!You kids today can’t do nothing without us knowledged,experienced,older bulls!Regards,Homemedecellphoneguy.

    1. Dan you’re getting crazy in your old age! I think you need to check your homemade network. I think you have a major malfunction! Hehe. Have some rum and try again!

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