February is Rum Quest month

February has many small holidays, Ground-hog day, Fat Tuesday,  Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine’s day and President’s day, but this year I am declaring it RUM QUEST MONTH.

With the lake freezing (for the 1st time in a couple of years) and 2013 well under way it is again time to share some rum.

For Christmas, I was sent a bottle of Homere’ Clemente Rhum, from Martinique.


homere clement rhum

In the past, we have not been fans of these types of rums (rhums).  Although Rhum Barbancourt Estate Reserve did change our minds and open our horizons.    https://reefwarriors.wordpress.com/category/rum/barbancourt-estate-reserve/    The rhum agricole distillation process http://www.rhum-agricole.net/site/en/gen_agri_indus often has disappointed our taste buds, but not this time!

Homere’ Clement is considered the father of the rhum agricole process and a true genius. http://rhumclementusa.com/verification.php


Many of the rums we have tried over the past few years have had subtle, hidden qualities about them, searching these out was pure wonder and enjoyment.

This rhum is anything but subtle!!! From the dark amber color that fill your glass, to the sweet rich nose, your senses are awakened. The 1st sip slaps you across the taste buds with hints of sweetness from caramelized fruit and oak. There is an ashy, smokiness up front as well but not over powering like a scotch. There may even be hints of tobacco or leather. A dry but smooth finish. This is  a very pleasant wonderful surprise.

This is a top shelf rhum.

Full disclosure, my sister, Janet, sent this rhum as a  Christmas gift. She has now moved up on my list as my favorite sister Janet. Thanks sis!!!!

Later this month,

Cane and Abe

Dos Maderas 5+5 and 3+5

Diplomatico Ambassador

7 thoughts on “February is Rum Quest month”

    1. Brian, It is possible you could find Mount Gay in St. Lucia. Can’t say for sure thought.
      Mt Gay is a product of Barbados and since they are right next door …… you should be in luck!

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