Rum Quest Month special Mardi Gras edition

Old New Orleans Cajun spiced rum New Orleans, LouisianaOld_New_Orleans_Spiced_Rum[1]

Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday are in full swing and I am sure plenty of this rum is being consumed, as liquid courage helping the shy girls to earn some beads.bacardi-girls_opt[1]

Before I get off track  dreaming of girls earning  beads, let’s try this unique rum, made from black strap molasses and aged in oak bourbon barrels.

The nose is warm and spicy.

The taste is also warm with spice, lots and lots of spice.

Cinnamon and pepper (cayenne?) are up front and very noticeable, followed by

nutmeg and ginger. The taste is similar to a stick of Big Red Gum. Only better because it is RUM not gum.

The smooth finish is warm and spicy with a hint of pepper.

This is everything a spice rum should be, Keep it on your top shelf for sipping and on your bar shelf to make some great mixed drinks.

CASEY’S TAKE: Cajun Spice is my favorite Spiced Rum of them all, By far! Sip it, mix it. It does everything. Especially in the winter! it warms ya up just right. Make sure ya get 2 bottles, cause the first one won’t last long!

3 thoughts on “Rum Quest Month special Mardi Gras edition”

    1. Since you are in the birthplace of rum, we have been issued a challenge. Find your self some Mt Gay Black, sample it, and send up a review. And if it as good as advertised, bring back a bottle.
      This is your mission, should you chose to accept it.
      Enjoy the wind, water, and rum. Cheers to all with you.

  1. At first, Lou was in trouble for this post. Not because of the Mardi Gras beads but the fact he had this rum without me. I will say he quickly redeemed himself by pouring me some once I saw the post. I really don’t know if it was his gesture or the taste of the rum that got him out of the dog house. All I could say is “yum” and “it is good to be an adult and have liquid spice cookies”

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