Rum Quest month week 2 —–Cane and Abe

Today we sample  Cane and Abe freshwater rum from the good old U.S. of A.Cane&Abe_Freshwater_Rum[1]

Distilled in Madison Wisconsin,  made from brown sugar from home-grown sugar beets, and aged in american oak barrels this rum was a pleasant surprise.

American Still Life goes into great detail sharing the story of this small distillery in the article  “‘From Garage to Greatness’

A sugary, sweet nose, fair rum legs, and a honey gold hue.

Smooth, smokey,oak from the barrel taste combines with sweet,sweet honey. This rum has a clean, but slightly sour/oily finish often found with pot stilled rums.

A delightful sipping rum to keep on your top shelf.

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