Rum Quest month special feature, From the Shores of St. Lucia

One of our Brethren of the Reef is currently enjoying the wind and waters in St. Lucia beachviewand has joined the quest for fine rum.

Brian S. from the Great Lake of Michigan sends us this report from some warm sandy beach, filled with tanned beauties plying him with rum. (not sure if this is true, but it sure sounds good) I am somewhat sure he is singing that line from a Jimmy Buffett song, “They are freezing up in Buffalo, stuck in their cars, and I am lying here beneath the sun and the stars”

Dutifully reporting from St. Lucia!  I don’t have a car, so I can’t easily get around here.  I’m staying on the south side of the island, near Vieux Fort.  This is NOT the tourist side of the island, but rather where the real folk live.  On a rum quest, I took a taxi to the liquor store in search of the nectar.
I couldn’t find the Admiral Rodney, but was able to pick up a bottle of the

Chairman’s Reserve.  A 70 cl bottle went for about $27 EC (1 US $ = 2.67 EC $).   chairmans reserveHere’s my review:

Firstly, some personal background.   I’m not a long-time rum drinker.  In fact, other than occasional the summer post-session mojito, I did not drink rum until the summer of 2012 when I discovered Pyrat rum in Hawaii.  Pyrat is special.  I really enjoy the Pyrat straight up, and even in a mojito (although in a mojito it lacks the crisp finish of a crystal rum).   At my house and also at the Surf Palace, you’ll always find a bottle of Pyrat.  I also like Bourbons and cognac, and regularly drink Bourbons in the colder months.  Try a Blanton’s sometime.

I was excited to try a St Lucian rum in it’s own birthplace, but I have to say that I am a little disappointed in this rum.  The tasting notes on the St Lucia Distillers website describe this rum accordingly:   . . . The pot still richness comes through on the nose with sweet honeyed fruit and spicy vanilla from the oak. The palate is balanced, with a mellow but complex mix of ripe raisin fruit, tobacco and spice.  
I really cannot agree with this opinion.   For me, this rum is somewhere between a bourbon and a rum.   I don’t get any of the ‘honeyed fruit and spicy vanilla’.  This rum carries the smokey, charred oak barrel, without really keeping the caramel, vanilla of the oak.  If you could plug your nose when you taste this, I think you might believe it was a bourbon.   As I said, I like bourbon, but not when I’m drinking a rum.  I’m only half way through the bottle (I’ve only been here two days), so maybe this opinion will change.

Coincidently, I was chatting with a Swiss guy at the beach today.   He pulled a bottle of the Chairman’s Reserve Spiced rum out of his backpack and shared it with me.  I’m not a spiced rum guy, but ironically, I really did like the spiced version of the rum better.   The spiced version had the typical orange, cinnamon, clove flavors, but with a balance that I enjoyed, and without some of the over-the-top sweetness that cheap spiced rums have.  While I wouldn’t maintain a steady diet of the Chairman’s Reserve Spiced, I did enjoy it.

So, that’s my early report from St. Lucia.   God willing, I’ll have wind tomorrow and maybe another rum run later in the week.

Thanks Brian, for that great review. And the photo’s.

And if you want to bring back a bottle or two for us to try………

I seem to remember having some very similar thoughts when tasting said rum. Being a pot stilled it probably left an oily finish on the tongue and not very smooth.

Although Chairman’s reserve is an award-winning rum I would have to say it is            not our style of rum

6 thoughts on “Rum Quest month special feature, From the Shores of St. Lucia”

  1. Thanks Lou. Today, (Friday Feb 22) is the St. Lucian Independence Day. I’ll try to send pic’s of the sirens to verify that I have indeed been ravished and plundered and plied with rum.

    1. Sirens celebrating independence with rum sounds like a party any reef warrior would be proud of.
      Any luck finding admiral Rodney? Distillery tour? Wind?
      Thanks again for the guesting on rum quest.

      1. I should have looked for a distillery tour yesterday, but everything was closed for the St. Lucian Independence Day. I did find the Admiral Rodney ($100 EC), but I didn’t want to buy the large bottle with only two days left in the vacation. I’m going to see if I can pick it up in a duty free shop on the way home.
        No wind yesterday either! This is our last day (saturday) , and the wind is predicted to be light again. Oh well, maybe next time.

      2. Lou,
        The Admiral is not on the Michigan Liquor Control Commission list, which means no Admiral Rodney for me without a road trip ;~(

      3. Brian, it will be worth the trip. The bottle we tried came from the lcbo in canada.
        have you been intouch w/casey re: new gear?
        The ice is melting and the warriors will soon be returning to the reef.

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