Rum Quest month week 4 Diplomatico Ambassador

I hope you all have enjoyed rum quest month as much as I have. It has been a lot of fun catching up on this delicious hobby. I want to raise a glass of Pyrat in thanks to Brian for his great review from the shores of St. Lucia. I hope the wicked wild-eyed sirens allow him to return to the U.S.

This week is going to put a wrap on things and I have saved the best for last.

Every year we chip in on a very high-end rum and this year we chose

Diplomatico AmbassadorthCAD71AR1 from Venezuela

This rum comes in a very beautiful oak box.

It is a dark and inviting rum, yet the display is full of mystery.

In the glass it is a deep coffee color and has strong rum legs.

The nose is sweet and strong, but not overpowering.

There are hints of dried fruit and vanilla (?). Very complex. (which is a term I may use often in this review)

The taste is wonderful. Again very complex, hints of many delicious flavors, I found a masterful blend of vanilla, spice, coffee and chocolate. Subtle hints of the barrel add to its mystique.

The finish is very pleasent, long,smooth and creamy

The maturing process of 12 yrs in oak is followed up by 2 yrs in sherry casks.The attention to detail in the blending  and aging aims for and hits the mark of perfection.

We have enjoyed the Diplomatico rums for many years and this rum is the patriarch of the family.

This is a rum to keep locked away. It is a luxury a true rum lover should experience.

Additional Notes:

While tasting for this review, Gail and I both remarked how different we observed this rum upon first tasting in late summer 2012. We both had similar thoughts that  it was a good rum, a complex rum, but not outstanding. I can say that our opinion has changed totally. This is one of the finest rums we have ever enjoyed. Have our palettes become more refined? Possibly, Have our other senses awakened? Maybe. Who knows? This is why we Quest!

2 thoughts on “Rum Quest month week 4 Diplomatico Ambassador”

  1. Lou,
    There was a duty-free shop in the St. Lucia Airport, that actually had the Admiral Rodney and the 1931 (1st ed I think?). Excitedly, I grabbed a bottle of each and waited patiently in line to pay for my booty. When it was my turn to check out, the lady asked me where I was flying. I told her Detroit, through ATL. She told me that when I arrived at ATL, I’d have to put the bottles into my checked luggage, because of the way the ATL airport processes int’l flights. There was no way I was putting two unprotected bottles of these fine nectars into my checked luggage! Of course there were tears, and wailing and gnashing of teeth, but to no avail. Even Sir Richard Branson, who I saw in the airport, could not help. A sad end to my St. Lucian rum quest!
    Upon return, I did contact the US distributor to see if they can help. A sad story like this should warrant a free bottle I would think.

    1. A truly sad tale indeed. Also a bit of odd reasoning on the part of the duty free sales person. They WANT you to buy from duty free, and it should always be easy to bring home. Yes, a strange, sad tale.
      Perhaps a fine local establishment will be happy to take your cash.

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