Wild Wild April

Casey’s Blog:
                             Wow what a fun last two days!   I think i sailed in every condition possible. (except warm weather). From 40knots and 40 degree water/air on a 4.0 with big waves the first day. To 4.8 side on/side off logo high glassy waves with clear blue sunny sky to snow flurries the second day.  I had some awesome rides with a couple baby air off the Lips, to a couple of monster crashes, including going over the falls on a big one and pole vaulting off the reef, resulting in a big ice cream headache. What a way to kick off the season on Da Reef!  Now bring on those nice warm thermals!

Da Reef! Looks small from on top of the dune!

Pleasant & H-Bay

3 thoughts on “Wild Wild April”

  1. Get yourself a helmet when its big and shallow. We had a windy Sunday in Avon, 3.0 and 65l. Have you had a chance to try the pickle? How did it taste?

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