Hatteras Time!

Casey’s. Blog:

  Yup I am on the plane heading to Hatteras again! For a quick 6 day trip!  Its my favorite place away from the Da Reef!  My bags are packed with wetsuits, Rum, Cameras, Comp and three T-shirts. Yup that’s right 3 shirts! And I barely made the luggage weight Limit!  It turns out Wetsuits and Rum are heavy. Hehe.  Have to pack the important stuff first.!
The forecast looks amazing, so hopefully I can get some good pic’s. Stay tuned!

Nice sunset from the plane! A good sign!

Look at all that orange and red!

Brand new surf mobile, Wow! and fully loaded!
A tall boy for the drive!
Great sight to see at 12:30 am! Made it!

2 thoughts on “Hatteras Time!”

    1. Casey will have enough rum to keep him warm, beside he sails in the frozen lake in his shorty.
      Hey Brian see if you can con him outta a couple tshirts!

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